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Autobús de DC a NYC y de NYC a DC

Autobús de DC a NYC y de NYC a DC

La ciudad que nunca duerme. The United States Capital. These two cities are among America’s most iconic, and there’s plenty of reasons to visit one or the other. If you’ve recently booked a bus ticket from NYC to DC or DC to NYC, or you plan to soon, this route guide has all the essential information you need to get to your destination. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

¿Qué servicios incluye un viaje en autobús de Ciudad de New York a DC?

If you’re looking to avoid paying expensive gas prices and airline fares, look no further than Megabus! Our fares start at $1*, which makes Megabus a perfect, budget-friendly travel option.

When taking your bus trip from NYC to DC or DC to NYC, you can enjoy the following perks and onboard amenities:

  • asientos reservados
  • tomacorrientes individuales
  • asientos reclinables
  • three-point seatbelts
  • onboard restrooms
  • seat upgrade options

If you’re looking to book NYC to DC bus tickets or DC to NYC bus tickets, be sure to do so early as the $1* seats fill up very quickly.

We hope you book with Megabus soon so you can experience these amenities firsthand!

Información de la ruta de autobús de NYC a DC.

Among all of our routes across North America, our NYC to DC and DC to NYC routes are two of the most popular and frequented.

With frequent departures scheduled at convenient times, it’s never been easier to plan a New York City to DC trip.

Additionally, you can use your smartphone to easily track your DC to NYC itinerary online.

Ubicaciones de paradas de autobús y ubicaciones de descenso de pasajeros en NYC y DC

Whether you’re traveling by bus from NYC to DC or vice versa, we guarantee you’ll have little to no difficulty navigating each city and finding things to do.

Cuando viajes de DC a NYC, tu autobús partirá desde: Union Station.

Your DC to NYC bus will arrive at the the intersection of 34th Street between 11th and 12th Avenue, across from the Javits Convention Center.

Learn more about NYC and its many sights by en nuestra guía de la ciudad.

When traveling by bus from NYC to DC, you will depart from the intersection of 34th Street between 11th and 12th Avenue, across from the Javits Convention Center.

Your NYC to DC bus will arrive at Union Station, located right in the heart of the city.

Más información acerca de DC y de las actividades para hacer allí en en nuestra guía de la ciudad.

Puedes verificar tu reserva con el lugar y la hora de salida exacta en cualquier momento en línea o desde tu smartphone.

Precios de boletos de autobús de NYC a DC

On top of being easy, it’s never been more affordable to take a DC to NYC trip or an NYC to DC trip.

When you purchase your Megabus tickets early, you get unbeatable fares starting at $1* -- easily accessible from your smartphone or computer!

Availability and booking for a bus from NYC to DC or a bus from DC to NYC

Ready to travel from NYC to DC or DC to NYC? Megabus is here to get you to your destination quickly, safely, and affordably. We look forward to seeing you on your date of travel!

If you’re still planning your trip out or need some ideas for activities, our NYC y Washington DC city guides have tons of info available. Give them a look!